What is Web Hosting?

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What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that provides individuals and organizations a free or a paid hosting of web pages and other files, including html/js/php/images/video files or any other content type. With the aim of serving this data to be retrieved over the Internet.

Web hosting is a private case of a cloud hosting.

Why do I need Web Hosting?

This allows you to focus on the content of the website you have created, with the necessary hardware and software infrastructure that you are receiving from your provider. The service is provided by hosting companies, including ISPs, on dedicated servers, which enable you to access and manage your data on the servers quite easily. Some of these companies also provide website building services and domain name sales. It is also important in terms of SEO (Organic SEO) because the availability, the speed and the security are some of the search engine ranking factors.

Most of the providers do this for a fee, but some also provide such a basic service free of charge, offering a paid service for extra features, or placing advertisements on a page or window.

The most basic service of web hosting is web page hosting (such as HTML files). You can upload the pages using various of protocols (and software), such as FTP or a dedicated file upload interface.

In addition, your provider may offer:

  • Storage type (SSD / HDD)

  • Storage space size

  • Monthly traffic size (bandwidth)

  • OS type (Linux / Mac / Windows)

  • Server languages supported by the server (ASP, PHP)

  • Server tools (cPanel, phpMyAdmin)

  • Website Apps (WordPress, Joomla)

  • Access to databases (such as Mysql)

Most of the hosting service providers offer a variety of different hosting packages, with the main variables being:

The hosting servers can run on different types of servers and run different operating systems (such as Windows, Linux, and more). One of the key configurations for running "top edge" servers (servers designed to work at high workloads) is the Sun Microsystems / HP server, which ran a Linux operating system, Apache HTTP server, oracle database (or MySQL). The site itself can be written in the common programming languages for this purpose such as PHP, Perl, Python or J2EE. Windows servers run a Windows operating system (server version), and a SQL Server database, and over the server wanted software written in .NET.

In addition, your provider may offer:

  • SSL security

  • Domain name registration service

  • Email server

  • Credit card transaction services

  • E-commerce packages

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